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Alcohol Rehabilitation

Alcohol Rehabilitation

The primary objective of alcohol rehabilitation is to consolidate the outcomes of alcoholism treatment and offer individuals the tools to resist temptations that lead to alcohol consumption. Furthermore, rehabilitation aims to motivate patients to completely abstain from alcohol, provide training in effective self-control techniques, restore normal psychophysical condition, and rebuild communication with family and loved ones. The ultimate goal is to assist patients in reintegrating into a healthy social life, free from dependency. offers personalized alcohol rehabilitation programs that encompass the following components:

Other methods have proven effective in international practices to combat dependency. During the treatment process, psychologists and psychotherapists assist individuals struggling with dependency in the following aspects

All these elements of the program assist individuals struggling with alcohol addiction in overcoming their dependency and reclaiming a healthy and fulfilling life.

Alcoholic rehabilitation enables the attainment of the following outcomes:

Long-term Remission Achievement: This signifies that an individual has refrained from consuming alcohol for 10 years or more. Sustaining abstinence for an extended period is a primary goal of rehabilitation.

Enhancing Self-Control: Rehabilitation aids in the development of self-control skills, enabling individuals to resist the urge to drink alcohol in stressful or triggering situations. This promotes stability and helps prevent relapse.

Resocialization: A vital aspect of alcoholics' rehabilitation involves fostering a healthy circle of communication. Individuals are equipped with tools and support to rebuild family relationships and reintegrate into work or studies. This aids in their societal reintegration and leads to a more complete and balanced life.

The objective of alcoholics' rehabilitation is to attain these outcomes, assisting individuals in overcoming addiction and attaining a fulfilling and alcohol-free life. Treatment for alcoholism in Yerevan is now available. alcohol rehabilitation center is committed to utilizing all possible means to restore you or your loved one to a normal life. A highly skilled team of professionals with extensive experience will ensure your speedy recovery through individually tailored and effective treatments, along with providing appropriate medical care and support at all stages of your recovery journey.