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About the clinic

Сервисы предоствленные компанией

About Clinic opened its doors to patients in 2023, but its history began much earlier.

Over twenty years ago, the young entrepreneur Tigran Mkhitaryan participated in the opening of a new innovative service. At that time, it was an extremely rare service in the Russian Federation, a rehabilitation center for addicts based on the concept of twelve steps. In the early 2000s, it was one of the only two services in Russia that operated based on this concept. Dr. Ruslan Nikolayevich Isaev, a young doctor with a PhD in Medical Sciences, joined the new center from a state hospital to learn new approaches to the concept. The center was quite successful and showed good results. However, due to independent reasons related to changes in the rented space, the cooperation was interrupted. At that time, Tigran Mkhitaryan and Ruslan Isaev did not know each other.

Afterward, everyone continued to pursue their own endeavors. Tigran Mkhitaryan established his own business, offering services in Moscow and Yerevan, while Ruslan Isaev continued to develop professionally. This ultimately led to the birth of a new organization in Russia in 2007, now known as "Doctor Isayev's Clinic." The clinic has been operating successfully for 16 years, specializing in the treatment of all forms of addiction and over 200 types of mental diseases. It has become the leading medical and rehabilitation holding in Russia, comprising a clinic in Moscow and five rehabilitation centers: four in Moscow and one in Saratov.

The holding maintains close relationships with leading rehabilitation centers from different countries and international public organizations. The Isaev Clinic is a member of the international communities EFTC (European Federation of Therapeutic Communities) and WFTC (World Federation of Therapeutic Communities). Additionally, it serves as an official partner of Nottingham Research University. In 2015, the Clinic won a competition for the best rehabilitation center organized by the WFTC and received a grant to further develop its rehabilitation centers.

In 2022, Tigran Mkhitaryan made the decision to revive the rehabilitation project, bringing back an idea from over twenty years ago, but this time in Yerevan. Dependence is a pressing issue today, and currently, there is no organization in Armenia that provides comprehensive, long-term assistance to patients in need and their families.

Isaev traveled to Armenia and arranged a meeting with Tigran, who had been sending him patients. At that time, they were unaware that they had been working together, but when they met, they began discussing and reminiscing about their previous collaboration. During the meeting, they decided to develop their cooperation and incorporate the best practices from Dr. Isaev's global experience and holding.

The main objective of the clinic and its doctors is to focus on achieving long-term, complete recovery rather than short-term sobriety. Complete recovery ensures a good quality of life. We do not simply aim to "code" our patients because this approach does not lead to long-term improvements in quality of life. A person who has been "coded" may temporarily cease using psychoactive substances, but they will still experience suffering, cravings for alcohol and drugs, depression, and possibly aggression towards loved ones. On the other hand, our rehabilitation program enables individuals to transform their personality, and their relationship with the world, and socialize while maintaining a drug-free and happy life. This is our ultimate goal. is an Armenian-Russian company that draws on European, American, and global expertise. The clinic's mission is to provide truly high-quality services by utilizing the best international practices available.