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Post-Rehabilitation Program

Post-Rehabilitation Program

Our rehabilitation center for drug addicts also provides a post-rehabilitation program to support patients in their recovery journey. The post-rehabilitation program offers assistance in the following areas:

Socialization: Helping individuals develop social interaction skills and reconnect with family, friends, and society. The goal is to promote inclusion and provide a supportive environment.

Employment: Providing support and resources to help patients find employment, develop skills, and reintegrate into the workforce. This program aims to facilitate their integration into society.

Adapting to everyday life: providing tools and support to deal with everyday stressful situations and maintain a sober lifestyle. The goal is to help patients successfully adjust to normal life after completing the treatment program.

If drug addiction has affected your family, or you cannot postpone its resolution any longer, every day counts in the life of the addict, and the sooner you start treatment, the greater the chances of returning to a normal life. offers anonymous treatment in narcology. Be sure that we will keep your application confidential, and the first consultation is completely free of charge. For an anonymous consultation, please call __________.