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drug treatment

What diseases can drug addiction cause?

Drug addiction is a complex chronic disease that causes severe physical and mental disorders. Drug addiction is a fatal disease for people who use mind-altering substances. Here is a list of some of the diseases caused by drug use.

Cardiovascular disorders

Cardiovascular disease can be an indicator of an addict’s use of drugs such as cocaine and amphetamines. As a result, an addict may have a heart attack, irregular heart rhythms, increased risk of stroke, and high blood pressure.

Breathing problems

Inhaling cocaine, crack cocaine, and heroin damages the respiratory system and the inner walls of the nose.  Lung disease, respiratory infections, and failure are typical problems that occur in drug inhalers. Smoking drugs such as marijuana or methamphetamine also causes lung disease and other respiratory problems.

How do you identify someone who is developing respiratory problems? Along with other signs of drug abuse, breathing problems can manifest themselves like:

  • Increased or labored breathing
  • Pale, grayish, or bluish skin around the mouth or lips․
  • Increased sweating without overheating or fever along with labored and increased breathing․
  • Grunting in the lungs, crackling sounds or whistling sounds that occur when a person breathes․

Liver and gastrointestinal tract (GI tract)

Drug use is the process of poisoning the body with toxins that destroy the liver. The liver is the organ that detoxifies the toxins. The cells of the organ die off, and metabolic disorders occur. The work of the liver is hampered, and there are problems with the gastrointestinal tract. As a result – acute or chronic gastritis, chronic pancreatitis, cirrhosis, gastric and duodenal ulcers. And failure of liver function leads to death.

Mental health problems

If mental health problems already exist, substance use and abuse can contribute to the worsening of the situation. Some mental health disorders including anxiety, depression, or schizophrenia are common. In these cases, treatment should address both the addiction and the mental health condition. Here are some examples of mental health problems caused by substance abuse.

Anxiety and panic disorders can cause the development of drug abuse as well as exacerbate already existing disorders. Some drugs tend to intensify feelings, sensations, and mental disorders.Mood disorders: In these patients, drug abuse often leads to panic episodes, as well as depressive moods may increase during withdrawal.

Substance-induced anxiety disorder can be treated with group and individual therapy. Group therapy with other people who have substance abuse problems is often very helpful. In some cases, medication for depression or anxiety may help stop substance abuse. Discuss your options with your doctor or therapist.

Diseases caused by infections

Substance abuse can lead to various infectious diseases due to unsafe IV practices or risky contacts. HIV/AIDS, hepatitis B, and C are typical for drug users as a consequence of sharing a single, already used, and/or dirty needle or during unprotected sexual intercourse.

The diseases and problems associated with drug addiction can be crucial to a person’s normal and healthy lifestyle. Getting professional help from a rehabilitation center for drug addicts or a narcology clinic is a must for every person struggling with addiction. Drug addiction treatment will help a person kick the habit of substance use and help prevent potential physical and mental problems.

Here, the professional narcologists will guide the patient and help manage their recovery and problem-solving process.If a person decides to go through the treatment and recovery process at home, there are options available to accomplish this process as well.

It is now possible to provide all the necessary treatment at home, and even if necessary, to call an addiction therapist at home, who will provide the best and unique options for each person, as cases and conditions are different.

Addiction treatment is crucial for every person suffering from addiction. If you know someone who is suffering from addiction, try to provide some help or convince them to seek help.

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