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Person guiding another person towards a clinic for addiction treatment

How to Refer a Patient to a Narcological Clinic?

Narcology is a field of medicine that focuses on the study, prevention, and treatment of addiction. One of its main goals is to study the substances that cause addiction. This makes it possible to provide each patient with competent treatment.

The decision to go to a narcology clinic is already a step forward in treatment. The clinic’s involvement in the treatment process is a significant help in preventing and treating any addiction (drug addiction, alcoholism, gambling, as well as other behavioral addictions). Treatment here is carried out by a specialized team of doctors, psychologists, and counselors, whose main goal is to provide individualized help to each patient.

In order to refer a person to a drug treatment clinic, it is necessary to understand a few nuances, knowledge of which will help the effective process of treatment and rehabilitation.

Recognize the addiction

Addiction can manifest itself in different ways: through uncontrolled compulsive behavior (gambling, overeating, shopping, etc.) and the use of various psychoactive substances (drugs, alcohol, glue, etc.).

Behavioral addiction is not related to substance use. It is characterized only by certain human behavior, which can be manifested in various ways.

This type of addiction is a psychological problem that can negatively affect a person’s health and well-being. A professional approach is also needed here, which can be successfully carried out in a narcology clinic.

Drug addiction, alcoholism, and toxicomania – another group of addictions characterized by the use of various psychoactive and illicit substances (various drugs, alcohol, toxic substances).

Addiction Treatment

As with other addictions, in the case of drug addiction, rehabilitation methods are used, including detoxification and working with a psychologist.

Detoxification is based on an individualized selection of medications by a narcologist. An important component of rehabilitation is psychological work with the patient.

When treating addiction, there are usually psychological difficulties associated with the refusal to use drugs.

It is for this reason that both methods are used, both in the process of medication treatment and psychological support.

The Treatment Alcoholism 

Another type of addiction is alcoholism, which is the abuse of a harmful substance։ the alcohol. In this case, a drug treatment clinic is the first step of treatment, helping a person to get rid of a bad habit and return to a healthy lifestyle.

In the process of recovery from alcoholism, the patient with complications related to the desire to consume alcohol again and again. At the same time, the addict may be in a state with pronounced physical signs (shaking of the body and hands, sudden mood changes, headache, dilated pupils, loss of appetite, pallor, etc.).

That is why a drug treatment clinic is also important in the process of recovery from alcoholism, since being under the supervision of specialists, the patient will be able to cope more easily with the arising consequences. And through behavioral therapy, he will be able to acquire healthy habits to work with the desire to drink.

Gambling Addiction Treatment

Gambling is one of the most common forms of behavioral addiction that can cause tremendous damage not only to property and possessions, but also to quality of life, emotional background, and, of course, finances.

As with drug or alcohol addiction, in the case of gambling addiction, a gambling addiction clinic has a knowledgeable, specialized approach that requires the addict to receive the maximum treatment and support.

In a drug addiction clinic, a person with a gambling addiction will receive cognitive therapy counseling to help improve their mental state and overall well-being. The person will then be able to understand the causes of the addiction and change behaviors to counteract the addiction.

Preparing the patient to go to a narcology clinic

A person with an addiction of any kind is already in a vulnerable position. Therefore, in order to refer a patient to a narcology clinic, it is important to explain the seriousness of the situation and the need for specialized help.

Discussions about treatment and recovery can also be combined with the process of seeing specialized clinics. For example, examining the individualized recovery programs of different clinics may make the patient interested and willing to seek help.

Individualized treatment programs

Any treatment begins with determining the type of addiction the patient has and, of course, determining the mental and health condition caused or worsened by the addiction.

Some drugs can exacerbate pre-existing mental and physical problems, and their regular use can seriously affect a person’s health conditions, such as the functioning of the heart and other vital organs.

An individual treatment program is aimed at identifying such symptoms, after which a basic recovery plan is drawn up.

Addiction is a complex psychological problem, the treatment of which requires a serious approach and support. By seeking specialized help, it will be possible to prevent further life-threatening health problems. If you are supporting an addicted person, study this branch of medicine to guide the patient competently.

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